James  Acker

James R. Acker is a Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus at the University at Albany School of Criminal Justice.  He earned his JD at Duke University and his PhD in criminal justice at the University at Albany.  His principal research and scholarly interests involve legal and empirical issues relating to wrongful convictions, capital punishment, criminal procedure, substantive criminal law, and the rights of children. Dr. Acker is co-author (with A. Redlich) of Wrongful Conviction: Law, Science, and Policy (Carolina Academic Press 2011), co-editor (with A. Redlich, R. Norris, and C. Bonventre) of Examining Wrongful Convictions: Stepping Back, Moving Forward (Carolina Academic Press, 2014), and he serves on the Professional Board of Editors of the annual Miscarriages of Justice issue of the Albany Law Review.