Our goal is to establish a venue where researchers, practitioners, policymakers, advocates, and interested members of the public can easily locate resources related to wrongful arrests, convictions, and other miscarriages of justice. To that end, we hope to do the following:

  • Compile scholarly research on wrongful convictions in a systematic, organized fashion
  • Compile popular culture resources related to wrongful convictions, including film, books, podcasts, and more for teaching and other purposes
  • Provide information on important current events related to miscarriages of justice
  • Provide information on calls for papers and upcoming conferences or symposia

This website grew out of a workshop entitled, Elephants in the Courtroom: Examining Overlooked Issues in Wrongful Convictions. The workshop was funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and was held at the NSF headquarters in Arlington, VA in October 2015. The meeting brought together scholars and legal practitioners from around the United States to discuss issues that are important to understanding wrongful convictions, but often go overlooked.

As an extension of that workshop, we hope to continue the conversation by providing an extensive collection of both scholarly and popular resources related to wrongful convictions and exonerations.


*Note: If you are seeking legal assistance on behalf of a wrongfully convicted person, please click the Resources page to locate an innocence organization in your area.