A number of key issues important to the administration of justice in general and wrongful convictions in particular have not garnered commensurate research attention, but are deserving of continued investigation. Three of the core “elephants in the courtroom” that were covered in our workshop – race, guilty pleas, and misdemeanors – are included here, along with other issues that are important yet under-studied. The research can be navigated using the drop-down menus.

This “elephants in the courtroom” served as the theme for an Albany Law Review Miscarriages of Justice Annual Issue. You can read a summary of the core issues in the foreword to that issue, written by the editors of this site:

Acker, J. R., Redlich, A. D., Bonventre, C. L., & Norris, R. J. (2015/2016).  Foreword: Elephants in the courtroom: Examining overlooked issues in wrongful convictions.  Albany Law Review, 79, 705-715.